RMSJ to Shift Focus Outdoors

RMSJ to Shift Focus Outdoors

Written on 03/06/2021

Spring is in the air here at RMSJ and we are pleased to inform our supporters that we are in full swing preparing for the 2021 outdoor tournament season here at your venue.  Looking at the positives in the recent Alberta Health lockdowns, we were fortunate to have the time to continue working on many projects we are sure will add to the quality of the venue and please all of you, our exhibitors.

Unfortunately continuing with the lockdown topic, we regret to announce that we are officially pulling the pin on the Royal West Winter Training Series that was scheduled down at Calgary’s Stampede Park.   We all enjoyed three great weeks of the Royal West Miniseries last fall and were looking forward to a great series of indoor tournaments with the scheduled Winter series.  But, with the ongoing pandemic, it wasn’t meant to be, and the good news we were hoping for this past Monday didn’t come.

As the saying goes, “It is what it is,” and we must move on!

We do have an action-packed summer planned and do have some flexibility in our schedule should we need to make any changes. 

Many things have transpired in our sport over the past year with our National Federation going through some major changes, and we here at RMSJ are forever adapting to the changes in our sport both from internal and external factors. Stay tuned for several announcements coming soon about the changes we will be making to our plans and schedules allowing us to adapt to the changes that have been ongoing over the past year. 

Stay safe everyone, and we look forward to seeing you all in the coming months!